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We partner with our customers to strengthen institutional capacity through team and leadership development, professional coaching, and culture consulting. We tailor our suite of proven solutions to the needs of each customer, making each solution unique and essential.

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Learning & Development Programs

Investing in our programs generates high performing teams by enhancing manager-employee dynamics. Our scalable solutions cultivate the character strengths that define effective leaders: interpersonal intelligence, resilience, and an orientation toward lifelong learning.

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Professional Coaching for Individuals & Teams

We provide coaching for individual leaders and the teams they support — plus the measurement tools to ensure successful, sustainable development. Character development coaching boosts critical leadership competency by 20%-30% toward realizing essential organizational goals.

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Organizational Culture Consulting

Workplace culture drives employee engagement and satisfaction — and organizational success. Our customized action plan and generative approach will support you in building a climate that fosters learning, personal growth and fulfillment, and shared purpose.

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We build cultures where people love to work so companies enjoy sustainable excellence.

Character development is the new frontier of leadership development. Knowing what to change in habit and behavior is only part of the equation. The full equation requires transforming knowledge into new mindsets that fuel exponential shifts in performance.

It's no secret that the world of work is changing.
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We develop employee character so how your people behave IS your competitive advantage.

Incivility in the Workplace

Learn about the cost of ignoring how your people behave in this inviteCHANGE white paper.

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ROA Calculator

See what's possible for return on assets through character development for leaders.

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We create custom and measurable frameworks for organizational learning and change.

The first step to create an inspired future is envisioning a company as a system, noticing what is unique and effective and, what aspects must change. Industry and company KPI data measure the past. Organizational learning shifts focus to improving the future as an ongoing process, using measures of the ideal culture, accessible 365 days a year. We guide you through this critical thinking in a step-by-step process that is packaged as a living document of your system to use as an evergreen tool to navigate change.

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We’ve noticed a perplexing paradox in organizations — as company performance falls, so does investment in employee development. Yet, generating a healthy workplace culture requires constant attention to our people so that we can liberate their potential, especially in times of downturn when this potential is needed most.

Janet Harvey, CEO inviteCHANGE

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