Professional Coaching for Individuals & Teams

"Coaching turns problems into challenges, challenges into opportunities and opportunities into gifts." — Albert Einstein

The purpose of professional coaching is to deepen learning about ourselves so that we can forward action toward what is important and what we most want. Professional coaches challenge our assumptions and habits of expression so that we gain awareness, clarity, and alignment to make choices that maximize our potential.

How satisfied are you with how your organization performs?

How satisfied are you with the way leaders sustain excellence?

Do you have HiPos (high potentials) asking for more and do you think they're ready?

It’s not enough to be satisfied. More is possible. That more starts and continues with and through your people.

We help organizations face the conditions of dissatisfaction. Each is a pain point that blocks desired results. We see at least one and often more of these conditions in companies of all sizes and industries.


  • Being “ok” or satisfied with status quo
    • Thinking that good enough is
    • Tolerating that no one stretches
    • Accepting a “not my job” mentality
  • Unproductive interpersonal drama
    • Stimulating self-protective behavior
    • Encouraging competition with peers for survival
    • Condoning politics to determine whose team to be on
  • Resistance to learning
    • Being attached to expertise
    • Needing to maintain identity and status
    • Protecting knowledge is the enemy of learning
  • Workforce inertia
    • Allowing incivility that disheartens effort
    • Filtering listening to catch leaders doing something wrong
    • Turning a blind eye to disloyalty and manipulation

The purpose of professional coaching is to deepen learning about ourselves so that we can forward action toward what is important and what we most want. Professional coaches challenge our assumptions and habits of expression so that we gain awareness, clarity and alignment to make choices that maximize our potential.

Four coaching solutions are available matched to development goals and level of responsibility:

  • Executive Level Leaders
  • High Potential Executive Leader Candidates
  • Team Leaders
  • Teams & Groups

Benefits of Professional Coaching

  • ·       Real Time Intervention

Results happen without an expensive off-site and/or multi-day training program. By investing as little as two hours in a month, the leaders can start applying the learning immediately to their existing work, experiment, and course correct as they go with the support of a trusted partner to strengthen critical thinking and reflection.

  • ·       Sustainable Progress

Coaching addresses the whole person and facilitates a deeper understanding of the issues blocking creativity, learning and producing new and more original results. That’s why the change it brings is more authentic and sustainable.

  • ·       Impact Beyond Immediate

Coaching outcomes influence those around the leader resulting in a sovereign workplace climate in which all team members thrive.

Professional Coaching Solutions


  • Discover awareness and clarity for how to move beyond current competence toward a growth mindset and leadership agility.
  • Build discipline for self-development that strengthens consistency, congruence and delivery of expected outcomes.
  • Accelerate realizing potential that fuels expansion of role in terms of scope and scale.
  • Enhance relationship competence that generates a positive workplace and fulfills what employees intrinsically seek for job satisfaction.
  • Instill a mindset for being generative and whole as a leader in order to sustain excellence.
  • Apply the insights about character to current initiatives and engagement challenges so leaders commit to model high functioning and encourage it in others.
  • Influence relatedness, a primary intrinsic motivator for engagement and productivity, highly interactive team experiences that increases civility with colleagues.


  • Highly customized coaching that may combine in-person and virtual sessions, over 6-12 months plus “on call” access in between scheduled engagement
  • Sponsor / HRBP involvement in coach selection and leader development planning
  • Check-in to review progress along the way to ensure high quality and ROI
  • Annual subscription for Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor for character development
    • Continuous self-reflection and self-awareness resource
    • Includes tools to cultivate key observer feedback to accelerate positive impact
  • When appropriate, shadow observation of the team members in action to provide action learning coaching as well as culture building, strategic planning and values creation.
  • When selected, full engagement with teams in order to strengthen functioning, creative flow and performance.